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Niukanshofu-jinja 丹生官省符神社

Jisonin Kudoyama Town Ito, County Wakayama Prefecture [MAP 3-D]


Located on the hill south of Jison-in, this shrine enshrines Niu and Koya myojin as protective gods for the Kanshofu estate. Later, the two gods Itsukushima and Kehi were invited and worshiped as "Shisho-myojin". Until the Shintoism and Buddhism Separation Degree was issued in the 1st year of Meiji, there used to be Buddhist temple buildings in its compound and this shrine received worship in tandem with Jison-in.

Niukanshofu-jinja Law protection: Compound (Historic Site), Three Main Hall Buildings (including four Kuden buildings and two ridge boards) (Important Cultural Property)

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