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Seiganto-ji 青岸渡寺

Nachisan Nachikatsuura Town Higashimuro County Wakayama Prefecture [MAP 2-D]


This temple had been called "Nachi no Nyoirindo" before the 1868 Shintoism and Buddhism Separation Degree, and is located next to Kumano Nachi Taisha buildings. Along with Kumano Nachi Taisha, this temple is the only example that shows the shape Shinto and Buddhism Fusion in Kumano Sanzan.

青岸渡寺3As the first sacred place of the West Province Pilgrimage which began in the late 12th Century, even now this temple is visited by many pilgrims as an important sacred place.

Law protection: Compound (Historic Site), Main building including a Zushi chest and Hokyo-in stone stupa (Important Cultural Property).

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