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Located deep in the rugged mountains of the Kii-peninsula are three unique sacred sites: Kumano Sanzan, Koyasan and Yoshino and Omine. These sacred sites, and the spectacular pilgrimage routes that connect them, were included on UNESCO's World Heritage list on Jury 7, 2004 and are known as the "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes of the Kii Mountain Range". This vast natural area -With its formidabie mountains, rugged coastline, gigantic old growth trees, abundance of waterfalls and scenic rivers- has been revered and worshiped since ancient times. Considered a sacred dwelling place of the gods, these sites became sanctuaries with Shinto Shrines. The shrines gradually blended with the Buddhist traditions introduced from China and Korea, creating an original and mixed belief system. The religious fusion and cultural development was shaped by the lush natural environment surrounding the shrines, With a history that spans thousands of years, the spirituai traditions of the Kii peninsula form an outstanding and unique culturai landscape that blends nature and religion in a powerful sacredness.

Entrance zone

Kii Spirit Entrance zone

Corridor zone

Kii Spirit Corridor zone

Guidance zone

Kii Spirit Guidance zone

Exchange Space

Kii Spirit Exchange Space

Exhibition Floor

In Kumano Hongu Heritage Center
Hours: 9:00~17:00 (open year round)
Price: Free

Exhibition Floor


Yatagarasu is a sacred legendary three legged crow that is believed to be a messenger of the gods and a supernatural guide. Let this spiritual bird guide you on your journey of discovery through the Wakayama World Heritage Center.


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